Hospitality Industry Looks For New Ways To Distribute Wine

With every business undertaking shifting to the online platform, wine trade is not left behind. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to grab a bottle of wine. How about the bottle being brought to you? Every wine taker would love that am sure. Well, you will love it, it’s now real. Wine delivery has been trendy for a while now. You log in to your alcohol delivery Singapore shop, do some selection and place your items on the cart. Once you are done with the selection, you order for the wine to be delivered right at your place of residence. It might sound easy, but there are policies which must come to play to control operations. You need to understand these very carefully to make your order delivery the smoothest ever. Check out some important policies.

Delivering wine around Singapore is not the same as letter delivery; don’t get mistaken. Wine is a product used for recreation and without responsible drinking; it can cause adverse effects to people and the community. Wine shops understand this, and so does the law. With that said, don’t give a postal address and expect to find your bottle of wine at the letter box. It doesn’t work that way. The client has to receive the package and sign indicating that the package is home. The point is to ensure that wine only gets to the persons who are eligible for taking it. Kids under 21 might as well order wine; they got the money and the internet. To avoid that, wine shops will require your signature and identity upon delivery.

Singapore as a country has its binding rules and regulations. Every individual, company or entity has to comply with the rules. Otherwise, you know what happens. No wine shop will risk getting super fined for wine delivery to kids under the age of 18 years. If you are below age, please, don’t engage a wine shop in ups and downs, just forget about it. Wine shops do care for your future. Only the sham online wine shops will indicate free delivery of wine. The client has to pay in one way or another for the added costs. That’s why; rates have to vary according to the disparities of different orders. Such include the size, weight, location and what company you are dealing with. It is important that you enquire about the appropriate rates before you are astonished by the huge added online fee. However, don’t panic, most wine shops will let you know of charges before they get on with delivery.

Once you have bought your wine, you have no room to take it back. The binding contract indicates that you want what is delivered to you and hence you can’t take it back for exchange. However, if you get the wrong package, that’s a different case. Your vendor will definitely consider that. To be on the safe side; research on a given brand before you order.


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